Logan Deon Troutman

Director & Cinematographer

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Restorative - Deliberative - Command - Realtor - Significance

Creativity has always been an advantage for Logan Deon Troutman.

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Logan has created a career 

which allows him to maximize his strengths & passions. 

Storyline Legacy Films is based on the concept of creative communication -

Creating meaningful content & capturing timeless emotion.

A proud Husband, Father, Son, Brother & Friend, Logan dedicates tremendous amounts of effort towards his personal development & adding to his legacy. 

With having a BA in Communications, Logan is credible in the realm of public speaking by keynoting multiple events in the college circuit.


With the 'Givers Gain' mentality,

he truly believes in PEOPLE 1st then their BUSINESS comes 2nd.

The value that Logan brings to the table is having the skill to capture the true essence & personality of the talent, transforming their ideas into tangible assets that mirror the direction of their brand.

"People Need To Hear You! I Possess The Tools That Can Freeze Time.

Share Your Story, Leave A Legacy!" - Logan Deon Troutman